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Australia Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


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World Regional Geography
Regional Unit Assignment
This assignment requires that students either address a major theme from the text, create a country profile for a country within the boundaries of the unit’s geographical area, discuss a regional or sub-regional developmental trend based upon Rosling’s concepts, or present a major tourist attraction as a significant attribute of national and/or regional culture. There are a few specific parameters:
Country Profile
The paper has four sections:
Section 1: Basic Geography
Write a thumbnail sketch of the country using Google Earth, the CIA factbook, provided material as well as other sources as desired. What is the general climate and underlying topography? Are there major rivers and ports connecting the country to the world? What is the country’s capital and population? Is the country urban or rural and what is the population? Are there important geographical realities that should be noted?
Section 2: Country and the Text
How does the selected country compare and contrast to the major themes presented in the text. Is it true to type or does it prove to be an exception? Use data drawn from the provided web sites as well as others. Students should demonstrate that they read the text and can apply it to a specific country.
Section 3: Factfulness Development
Discuss the country’s development from Hans Rosling’s perspectives. Draw upon materials found on the Gapminder web site, the power points, and other videos. What level is the country’s predominate level and why? How is the country improving? How does Rosling indicate its citizens live?
Section 4: Tourism
Would you like to visit the country? Where would you like to go? Are there significant places that interest you and why? Use the World Heritage List (listed in the web resources file), other web sites, or personal knowledge as starting points.
The essay must be between five and ten (or so) pages long following the usual textual requirements (double spacing, 12 point type, usual margins, etc.)
Students should use data drawn from the course’s provided web sites as well as others selected by the student.
No plagiarism.
There must be proper footnoting and referencing.
There must be a bibliograph


World Regional Geography (Regional Geography)
Institution of Affiliation
Australia the smallest mainland, and perhaps the biggest nation in the southern hemisphere on the planet has its coordinates place it somewhere between the Indian and Pacific oceans. The Australian mainland terrain stretches out for thousands of kilometers from the west of the Cape York Peninsula to the upper East of the Southeastern Wilsons Promontory. Toward the South, the Australian ward expands a further 500 kilometers towards the south end frontier of the Tasmanian island. Going up, the Australian mainland terrain extends up North East reaching Papua New Guinea’s southern frontier coastline ("Physical Geography Thematic Index, 2002-2011", 2012). Additionally, its classified as an island as well as it evidently separates itself physically accordingly from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef and Antarctica towards the Northwestern, Upper eastern, Southeastern and Southern frontiers respectively.
Australia’s islandic continental landmass features a broad scope of climatic zones, from the tropical locales of the North, through the parched regions of the inside, to the calm areas of the South. Australia’s northern frontier region experiences an increasingly temperate influenced climate, with hot and humid summers and warm and dry winters (Harden, 2012). The region south of the country has characteristically had gentle summers and cold and blustery winters. July and August happen to be the country's coldest months, while December and January are the most blazing months.

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