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A review of supply chain management in Australian manufacturing (Essay Sample)


A review of supply chain management in Australian manufacturing


Supply Chain Management
Author’s Note
Executive summary
The supply chain is one of the strategies that have ensured that many businesses are minimizing their expenditures on raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing their finished products while maximizing their profit since efficient and less costly strategies are introduced in the business operations for management purposes. In this paper, an insight into supply chain management research is outlined to be conducted in the manufacturing industry of the Australian market to determine the supply chain management activities undertaken and how they affect business productivity. Furthermore, factors that affect the effective implementation of these supply chain management strategies will also be determined.
Supply chain management
Supply chain management in the manufacturing sector of Australia
In the recent world, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a lot of pressures brought about by competition within the global market which is a result of the changes in the trends of conducting businesses (Habib, 2018). This competition is fostered by a lot of factors including globalization and technological growth which has resulted in opening up the world market. This has open up opportunities for many manufacturing industries to reach out to the larger population of the world (Laari, Töyli & Ojala, 2017). To be able to manage the global market competition, manufacturing industries have tried to introduce some operational upgrades which include innovating and using sophisticated machines without leaving behind their operation techniques which have also experienced immense improvements. Despite all the upgrades that have been put in place, some organizations have not yet find the market share. Due to this, this industry needs to incorporate further efficient operations towards the production systems. By bringing on more supply chain strategies and implementing them appropriately, these manufacturing industries can be able to face the changing competition within the market and at least bring about a different angle of the competition rather than the common strategy of a company facing a company faceoff.
Supply chain management can be defined as those resources that are needed for efficient and effective delivery of goods and services to consumers (Zhong et al., 2016). Because of the rapid growth of industries brought about by globalization, end-to-end integration of supply chain into business operations is needed to help in the coursing of raw materials, manufacturing operations, and processes involved in delivering products to clients in the market.
Research problem
This research will be analyzing the integration of supply chain management in the manufacturing industry of the Australian market.
Research background
This study aims at analyzing the levels of the integration of supply chain management in the manufacturing industry in Australia. Manufacturing is the production of goods in both small and large scale for consumption. In the Australian market, the manufacturing industry has a very significant contribution as it adds up to 25% of the Australian gross domestic product (GDP) (Nimeh, Abdallah & Sweis, 2018). This industry also trades on bigger sums of money and creates employment opportunities for many people within the country. In the time of the past, there were policies within the Australian economy that ensured high levels of protection that it was rich in resources. For this matter, Australia had a higher tariff on imported goods. This kind of protection promoted a lot of infant industries as well as the expansion of the Australian job market but had one problem that it never gave chances for innovations that could enhance productivity. Currently, with the predominance of this industry, a lot has been done as far as technology is concerned and some new operation strategies.

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