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Business Impact Analysis (Essay Sample)

Do a business impact analysis on any major company source..
Business impact Analysis Name: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date of Submission: Kaspersky Lab is a renowned worldwide company that deals with cybersecurity issues. This company was established over 20 years and has been operating among the leading anti-virus in the market. Kaspersky Lab’s deep security expertise as well as threat intelligence is continuously advancing into future generation security solutions and expertise services to make sure consumers, governments, businesses and critical infrastructure are safe all over the world. The comprehensive security portfolio for Kaspersky Lab consist of a number of specialized securities, solutions the leading endpoint protection and evolving digital threats as well as services to fight sophisticated. The Kaspersky Lab technologies protects over 400 million users and assists protect what matters most to 270,000 corporate clients.  Focusing on an organization such as Kaspersky Lab, which is a worldwide firm that offers security programming with an aim to impact business cultures, redeeming all users to be tech updated, productive and beneficial. With this, it is imperative that Kaspersky Lab designs a disaster recovery strategy so that it can recuperate and continue its normal IT undertaking ones a disaster has occurred. Computer systems, of course, have become an important part of numerous organizations. Company depends on computer systems to execute the various day-to-day undertaking. It is imperative that Kaspersky Lab have a binding approach to recuperate their information in the occurrence of sabotage, hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters, or safety occurrences. This research paper outlines a number of the components that are needed to come up with an effective BIA to guide disaster recovery planning efforts in Kaspersky Lab (Rumbaitis-del Rio, 2006). Like any strategy manuscript, a DR strategy is impractical if it devotes most of its lifespan inactive in hiding somewhere. There is no argument in generating one if the company is not working to assign adequate resources to the preparation of workforce on the actuality of the strategy, as well as to what their responsibilities and roles would be in the occurrence of an Info-Tech outage. Observing it updated is significant, too (Khazai, 2006). As time goes and the business develops, it will need to house innovative systems and IT amenities in its DR strategy. The company should be sure to inform any precious investors when it does this. Provided that computers will be and have been in existence, in instances that it is connected to the Internet or not, it is always imperative to have an antivirus software install on it. It will never come a time when individuals, whether or not they are youths who are mischievous in quest of an adventure or a hardened cybercriminal working hard to exploit billion-dollar companies, will rest ways to find or even cause widespread damage, commit fraud, or just practice the haste of infringement into a computer.Kaspersky Antivirus software is a vital tool to assist stop such attacks. It may be a great asset when attempting to prevent intrusion into a computer, but not every type of cyberattack can be prevented with antivirus software.Business impact analysis is the practice of estimate which actions are significant to Kaspersky Lab, continuing success as well as attainment, and recognizing the consequence of a ri...
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