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Care Placement Report (Essay Sample)

The essay is about the care placement. source..
Care Placement Report Name: Institution: Clinic Placement Report The provision and coordination of care ‘uses a range of assessment techniques to collect relevant and accurate data' (5.2). This systematic assessment aims at coming up with various techniques that will be effective in administration of medication to for various conditions of patients. It also helps in coming with better medical administration for various conditions from the one used earlier. I noticed the connection between the various assessment techniques of gathering data for a particular condition. The moment I carried out medical examination on patients, I would interview them briefly how they felt and to some extent the symptoms of a disease would connect with the symptoms I observed when I did a medical examination. In instances of examining a malaria patient, I had to observe the eye to see the level of blood within the body and even the pulse rate using a stethoscope which came to give a matching result on the same. I also had to take the patient's blood for further screening in order to observe if there were traces of malaria symptoms in the blood. This also gave me a positive result compared to the tests I did earlier thereby confirming the connection between the techniques. The medical examinations also helped in knowing the potential health problems that had mild symptoms for instance the cases of stomach ache among patients. In a bid to know the actual disease, I had to examine the patient's stool and blood samples through the microscope. Through accurate interpretation from the results got from the tests. I got a positive result for typhoid that was a potential disease still developing in a patient's system. The use technologies such as the microscopes helped in identifying the symptoms of various diseases. The other assessment is on the way to ‘document a plan of care to achieve expected outcomes' (6.3). This process of assessment was to ensure that the care plans are in line with the analysis of the assessment data. For instance a particular plan had to be in line with the various plan of an assessment data. The plans of care helped me during a nursing round when I was assigned to take the care of a certain patient. The nurse who was on an earlier shift had to come up with a care plan that has to be consistent with the present nursing knowledge and research...
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