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Closing the Gap Between College and Career (Essay Sample)


the task required a minimum of four stakeholders who can help close the gap between college and career. it also identifies why the gap exists, the value of the stakeholders , what they gain or lose and their goals towrdsclosing the gap. the stakeholders identified include employers, graduates, curriculum administrators and students.


As a result of large numbers of unemployed graduates, several pieces of research have been conducted to bridge the gap between college and career. The ever-changing employment culture makes it difficult for High-level institutions such as colleges and universities to meet the expected employment standards. The employment culture is constantly changing because of technological advancements, which in turn cause changes in the nature of jobs. There are many jobs in the market, but the graduates possess insufficient professional and technical skills for the current job market.
Employers experience many challenges in finding qualified employees. Also, employers have complex expectations from graduates due to changes in the nature of jobs, which widen the gap between colleges and careers. Therefore, a strong partnership is needed between stakeholders in colleges and the job market to help close the gap between career expectations and college degrees. This paper evaluates the stakeholders involved in closing the gap, such as students, graduates, employers, and educators. The article also analyses the stakeholder values, goals, and gains or losses.
Employers are critical stakeholders in addressing challenges that broaden the gap between college degrees and career expectations. Employers are individuals or institutions that offer employment opportunities to graduates and other employees. Instead of recruiting fresh graduates, most employers prefer highly experienced employees, which gives them high levels of criticism. The job requirements help employers select effectively and efficiently who to hire. Most employers focus on organizational growth, expansion, profitability, and sustainability, making them keen on who to hire. Employers are also passionate about top skills and talents that will increase the productivity of their businesses (Jacobs, 2021).
Most graduates are well acquainted with the necessary knowledge to run businesses but cannot apply the knowledge. However, employers are looking for employees who can use both knowledge and skills in their organizations. The employees preferred by employers also have strong interpersonal skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, and technological skills. Employers expect graduates to obtain basic skills before entering the job market as not all skills are not taught in class.

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