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Cloud Computing and Database Technologies (Essay Sample)


assess cloud computing and database technology


Cloud Computing and Database Technologies
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Cloud Computing and Database Technologies
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing delivers information services on demand through applications to the usual storage systems over the Internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis (Gupta & Gupta, 2020). Cloud computing offers a wide variety of features such as Gmail. Instead of possessing their own virtual server companies can sublet access by a provider of cloud services to anything from applications to storage. One advantage of using cloud computing services is that companies can escape the initial complexity and cost of operating and maintaining their own IT systems, rather than just pay for what they use.
Through the use of cloud services, enterprises can run quickly on projects and framers without long procurement and large upfront expenses, as enterprises only pay for their resources. This will be easier to work through new applications quicker as it can spin up new programs without the time and energy associated with conventional IT procurement. For a firm with an application that has big elevations in use, for instance, which is only used in a specific time during the year, hosting it in the cloud can make economic sense instead of lying idle software and hardware for many occasions. If an application is moved to a cloud for services like CRM or e-mail, internal IT staff could remove burdens. Costs of some cloud storage services have gradually decreased, which would possibly be good news for consumers and costs could further decrease due to rivalry between players.
Database Technologies
The traditional file environment defines the preservation of information in paper and cabinet archives. The electronic file system is a popular alternative to paper filing; every system has its advantages and disadvantages. Traditional file management, over electronic filing, has security benefits. They are also less complex than electronic systems, which make access and manipulation of data simpler for untrained individuals (Ishihara & Shiba, 2020). RDBMS database is a type that uses columns and rows to store structured data. Actual values inside the database can thus be found and accessed easily.
A storage model is used for non-relational databases, which is optimized for the specific needs of the type of information stored. NoSQL databases are also more than RDBMS versatile (Ishihara &am

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