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CODE OF ETHICS FOR RECRUITERS Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Code of ethics for rectruiters


Code of Ethics for Recruiters
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Code of Ethics for Recruiters
The recruitment industry is an ever-evolving sphere in the cooperate world influenced by frequent changes in technology and dynamic demands in the job market. Firms and organizations seeking the competitive edge to meet their goals and stakeholders’ needs has led to increased pressure for recruiters to find the best suited candidates for positions to be filled. On the other hand, the ever-growing multitudes of candidates seeking different job positions has only added to the complexity of the demand for services of recruiters. These factors have led to the discussion on the concept of ethics in the roles of recruiters in the cooperate world. Apart from finding appropriate talents for firms and placing candidates in suitable job positions, recruiters also have to meet their own sales targets and accomplishments. To balance all these three roles, it has been argued in cooperate spheres that an appropriate standardized ethical code is needed to guide and regulate the operations of recruiters.
Recruiters are practically sales people who have to meet their own targets to survive and thrive in their completive industry. Due to this notion there has been a series of ethical misconduct that has been associated with the practice. The most common malpractice that recruiters have been accused of is misuse of information for candidates seeking position. Protecting of candidate’s private information has been a thin line for recruiters since the clients have the right to know all relevant information about the candidates including criminal records, but the candidates also need to be protected against any damaging information that is not related to the position. Maintaining this balance requires high degree of confidentiality and integrity on the part of the recruiters.

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