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Accountability in Society Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)




The Essence of Accountability in Society
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The Essence of Accountability in Society
Accountability is one of the key pillars of growth and development in any society. The topic of accountability is one of the main concerns of various institutions in the modern society including governmental, non-governmental and family institutions. Every member of society has to live with some level of responsibility for their actions, and that raises the stakes on the solemnity of the discussion in the modern society. The main concentration of this paper is to discuss the extensive topic of accountability by addressing critical attributes such as the meaning of the concept at an individual level. The discussion also entails dissection of the areas of life that accountability applies as well as the areas that it fails with a clear explication of the reasons that lead to the divergent occurrences. The paper takes a personal analytical tone and addresses the topic from an individual’s perspective of the critical aspects of accountable living in a society that has divergent opinions on the concept of morals and ethics.
Accountability means a lot of things to different people in this increasingly open-minded society. To me, accountability means that state of living that constrains a person to a constant sense of responsibility to occurrences that result from their actions. My perspective of accountability is that it is one of the central pillars of ethics and responsible living. It is a virtue and way of life that would ensure that the society maintains a strong sense of personal development and order. The increasing cases of interpersonal and party conflicts can be prevented if every member of the conflict acts with a deliberate sense of accountability for the actions. The conflicts would be minimal with a strong understanding of the law of cause and effect. My take on accountability is that every member of the society should understand that for every action there is an effect that could either be positive or negative

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