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Advances in Airport Security After 911 Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Current Security Processes and Practice


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On September 11, 2001, 19 suicide terrorists gained control of four passenger flights and used them to bomb several targets on US soil. One target the ‘Twin Towers’ a famous building on the World Trade Towers in New York was attacked using two planes which completely destroyed the building. The other target was the Pentagon which is the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense of the US was crashed into by another plane. The other plan did not attack any targeted critical building, perhaps due to resistance from passengers and flight crew and crashed near Pittsburg without destroying any significant building. Overall, the number of lives lost summed up to 2,973 people and can be considered as the most horrific terrorist attack in the global history and its impact was significant in the global arena. The loss incurred in light of reconstruction was approximated to be 105 billion US dollars and that was in that year CITATION The01 \l 1033 (The 911 Commission , 2001).
A day after the attack, the UN security Council condemned the terrorist attack and issued resolution #1368/2001 and #1373/2001. The International terrorist group Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack and it was thought to be orchestrated by Al-Qaeda

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