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O'Connor. Book Analyze. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


To write analyze the book by O'Connor and the arising issues in it.


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When something new comes into our lives we must try to let in or if we do not then it lets it in soon or later. Accepting changes and living with them is the way of life. Life is a wave and it keeps on twisting and turning whether we like it or not. The changes come and go and most of the time we have no say in it. The times we do are few and they come with us making the best choices to fit our daily living. To live with the changes and accepting them then one has to have the mindset that the world keeps turning. The saying everything that rises must converge gives a clear picture of how our lives are when changes arise. Men cannot just be blind to this saying or ignore it. If changes are ignored they still are seen to come in and either way, we find ourselves incorporating them whether we want to or not.
It is safe to say that the book, everything that rises must converge explains in plain many scenarios that explain this saying. One is that the rise of blacks in the south was bound to affect the whites and their culture. They would have to incorporate them into their lives if they wanted harmony. Julian’s mother blindly does not follow this thus leading to her death. She blindly gives a black woman’s child a coin not knowing how insulting that was. Julian had tried explaining things to her but she never really listened.

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