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Initiatives to Overcome Domestic Violence in USA Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


Measures taken by the usa government to reduce domestic violence


Initiatives to Overcome Domestic Violence in The United States
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Initiatives to Overcome Domestic Violence in The United States
What is the economic stability of a nation free from domestic violence? Domestic violence affects the development of the nation by causing numerous burdens on the social system. The cost of domestic violence affects both the current and future generations. Domestic violence is defined as the misuse of power to control others by causing fear to them (Salcioglu, et al., 2017). Domestic violence takes the form of psychological abuse, sexual assault, physical assault, or social abuse. It is spread globally affecting the cultural, socio-economic and political distinctions of nations. The essay analyzes the initiatives taken to overcome domestic violence in the United States.
First, the government has provided legal provisions promoting the acceptance of all people in the United States irrespective of gender, social class, race, or ethnicity. All people are allowed to enjoy their full human rights and freedoms. The constitution of the United States has considered freedoms and human rights and each person is expected to respect one another.

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