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Disruptive Innovation Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)




Disruptive Innovation: Just Google It!
The other day I was on the internet browsing through different websites, journals and papers and they had so much information, I felt like Einstein. Then I began thinking about the role Google plays in my life and my dependency on the platform for information. I realized that nowadays, we are always googling whatever we don’t know and Google has served as a reference for many of my and my friends’ arguments. Just the other day, I wrote the words, “how to know…” in the search box, and you will be surprised by the need for information that is akin to our generation.
Clayton Christen introduced the terms of disruptive innovations a few years ago. The author described disruptive innovation as a process where small forms with few resources successfully take over big businesses established as incumbents. Christen developed a framework from which to examine this concept (Antony, 2013). He notes that while the incumbents focused on revitalizing their products and services for a specific profitable audience, they ignore the needs of the smaller population. According to Clayton, the incumbents lose it here because smaller firms enter the market by filling that gap, which is normally their business acumen (Christensen, Raynor, & McDonald, 2015).

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