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Computer-Generated Virtual Reality Replicates a Real-World Experience (Essay Sample)


The essay discusses the ethical implications of using VR/AR technology in business. The author argues that the most ethical way to use VR/AR is to create a new company dedicated to developing VR/AR technologies. This will allow businesses to control how the technology is used and ensure that it is used for the benefit of the company and its customers. The essay also discusses the potential risks associated with using VR/AR technology, such as addiction and privacy concerns.
The essay is well-organized and presents a clear argument. The author provides evidence to support their claim that creating a new company is the most ethical way to use VR/AR technology. They also discuss the potential risks associated with using VR/AR technology, which provides a balanced view of the topic.


Computer-Generated Virtual Reality Replicates a Real-World Experience
Computer-generated virtual reality (VR) replicates a real-world experience. Regardless of whether the immersive environment is based on the actual world or if it's fantasy-based, it can provide an experience that can't be replicated in the real world. Real-time integration of virtual and physical worlds is known as augmented reality (AR), a computer-generated simulation. There are many ways to implement VR/AR into a strategic plan, but the most ethical way is to create a new company that creates VR/AR technologies. By creating a new company, we can ensure that our employees have the same incentive as we do (Rotemberg & Saloner, 1993). Our employees will be working towards the same goals as us, and they will be able to have access to the same resources as we do. This means there will be less of a divide between our interests and those of our employees, which is something that can lead to conflict if left unchecked.
Creating a new company ensures that our employees are not using our current technology for their gain. Suppose our current employees were able to use any of our technology for their gain (for example, using it for themselves or selling it). In that case, this could lead to confusion among customers about whether or not there are multiple versions of certain products available from different companies or if multiple companies are selling all products from one company at once. Creating a new company also allows us to control how much money we spend on research and development so that we can make sure that whatever money is spent on research and development will be used in the most efficient way possible so that we get maximum results with minimum.

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