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CONDUCTED ENERGY WEAPONS. Implication of CEWs on Human Stress (Essay Sample)


COnducted energy weapons


Conducted Energy Weapons
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Conducted Energy Weapons
In recent times police brutality has been a matter of discussion in the public sphere the use of Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs) has been considered by many experts as suitable replacements to automatic firearms. CEWs are arguably considered a safer option to guns for use by law enforcement. However there has been a lot of controversy with regard to health implications of the use of CEWs. Supporters of the adoption of CEWS argue that whatever negative implications they may have, the positive outcomes are much more since they are less likely to cause serious injury or death to the targets. This paper examines the pros and cons of the use of conducted energy weapons by Virtual City Police Department. I will also examine the practicality of the use of CEWs in the United States of America where guns are easily accessible to the public. Evidence and scholarly material on the subject matter will be examined to support the use of CEWs or oppose it. The evidence in this paper should provide guidance on whether the Virtual City Police Department should adopt CEWs exclusively as their weapons of operation.
Conducted energy weapons come in different types with various mechanism of use. The most common CEW is known as the Taser, which was developed in 1970s and was initially classified as a firearm. The main mode of operation for CEWs is to physically incapacitate a person temporarily for purposes of immobilizing them. The main principle is that electrical pulses to the skin tissues through metal electrodes. Different CEWs devices pass different amounts of electricity to the target. They have been used largely by law enforcement around the world to make arrests of violent suspects of crime. Individuals should experience long-term effects of the CEWs when it has been applied to them. Though these CEWs devices are meant to be a none lethal use of force, they are not completely without risk. There have been reports of serious injuries and even death on application of CEWs but compared to other alternatives these numbers have been relatively low. In this paper I describe some of the health effects of CEWs.

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