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Coomon application Essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


It was a common application essay to get admission into college.


“I always keep my promises, go ahead and have your bike son.” Those were my dad’s words on 9th December 2007. Freedom, fun and fitness came to my mind on the first sight of it. “Tom” as I later named him became more than just a bike.
Before, I was usually taken to school by an old, white, Toyota corolla personal car. Restrictions and time limits were the norm. Tom freed me from all that. On a normal school day I would wake up at 5:30, prepare myself until 6.30, then using my rear door get Tom out. (Mum didn’t approve of me keeping him in my room yet there was a store built for that reason. However I never found fault with that, as long as my room was always tidy.) Before setting off, I usually did some basic checks on Tom. Where the brakes functioning well and were both tires fully inflated. I would then dress on my ‘riding gear’ basically a blue helmet and black elbow and knee guards.
On the way I would meet with my friends and we would together cycle to school. Tom always behaved himself, on very rare occasions did he stress me out. Rare as it was, it did happen. One morning while doing my checks I realized that the rear tyre was flat. My efforts to inflate were futile. Definitely it had a puncture. Do I have enough time to mend it and still make it to school on time? No. I decided to walk to school using the presumed “shortcut”, it’s 10 kilometers, at list three kilometers shorter. The landscape was rugged and stony, perfect for quarrying only. I however managed to make it to school on time. On my way back Kelvin a good friend offered me lift on his bike. After arriving home I immediately started mending it, a day I won’t forget coz of the beating I received from my mum for doing the latter with my uniform on.

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