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Creativity versus Convergent Thinking (Essay Sample)


Spend a bit of time reflecting upon your relative comfort with creativity/divergence thinking versus a more quantitative/convergent analytical approach to problem solving.
After spending some time reflecting on this, develop a 250 word posting that describes a time in your life when you were less than effective because you either over emphasized the creative/divergent dimensions of the problem-solving task or the analytical/convergent components. What aspects of this problem-solving process were well executed and what aspects were less than optimal given your relative emphasis between creativity and a more quantifiable analytical approach?


Creativity versus Convergent Thinking
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Creativity versus Convergent Thinking
One can apply either divergent or convergent thinking in problem-solving, depending on the situation to be handled. Convergent thinking is associated with judgment, analysis, and decision-making. On the other hand, divergent thinking is based on the creative development of ideas without any review, research, or discussions. The two modes of thought are essential to human life because they effectively address different events. Naturally, one leans towards one model of thinking than the other. For instance, project managers tend to be lured into convergent thinking because they stick to their plans and processes. The paper presents a post on personal experience where I was less effective after a quantifiable analytical approach in problem-solving.
Reflection Post
During my career at the Downsview enterprises, our team had an objective to create more sales within the festive season. We had a brainstorming event to eliminate the deterrent obstructions that affected the sales agents (Shen et al., 2018). Firstly, the entire sales process seemed long because everyone talked a lot and offered several solutions, but we could not agree on one approach. I reflected on the capacity of the sales agents based on their training, intelligence, and field experience and found them competent to handle additional marketing concepts (Shen et al., 2018). Therefore, I proposed a retrain on new marketing concepts and supported it with an argument on the adaptability of the organization’s passionate contributions. Later, the sales agents were trained on sales force automation through a fast process that did not allow any imagination to run.
To date, the process runs on the same ideas repeatedly. Changing the sales automation concepts became a complex task because it felt comfortable to both sales agents and the management. Despite the few rapid gains fr

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