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Daisy’s voice in the Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


The academic tone. Read the essay over a few times in order to get a sense
of this tone. Stick to the text, do not recap the plot, maybe just a
word or two to set up, that's it. Assume your reader has read the novel
(Mr Veary has read this novel about 100 times in his estimation). Leave
out your opinion of the novel or the characters. You are a butcher: trim
off the fat, stick to your thesis, which is the ONLY thing you are
going to talk about. A GOOD ESSAY SAYS ONE THING. You are a lawyer in a
courtroom: your quotations are you DNA evidence to prove your thesis.
Nothing else is important. (Don't say, for example, we are reading the
novel in Mr Veary's class this year and I really enjoyed it.)
The use of the present tense when discussing the events of a work of
fiction (e.g., Gatsby GOES to Louisville..Nick TALKS to Jordan, Tom
BREAKS Myrtle's nose...the weather IS rainy on the day of the tea
party). ALWAYS use to present tense.
The introductory paragraph
gives the title, the writer, then the mentioning of Daisy, then her
voice, then how her voice is an important symbol in the novel, and THEN
the thesis (last sentence) that states WHAT her voice symbolises. See
how it becomes more and more specific as you get to your thesis
Three paragraph structure: 1) Daisy's voice is magical
2) Daisy's voice is powerful
3) Daisy's voice is a symbol of Gatsby's idealistic love for her and
her world of wealth that he wants to enter


Daisy’s voice in the Great Gatsby
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Daisy’s voice in the Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby novel is an interesting novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Daisy appears to have a good reputation and affluent voice which makes her seem untouchable. The author talks much about Daisy as the main character who draws the attention of the audience and compels them to keep listening to her speech. Daisy is a young lady but her speech comes out with a lot of enticing mystique in her voice which creates musicality during the action. Daisy’s voice is an important symbol as it captures the attention of her listeners through its enticing mystique. Therefore, her voice is an ideal symbol of perfection as it seems to encroach with magic, power, and her love for wealth and that which Gatsby hers for her.
One would wonder if daisy’s voice has charms that perform the magical work in attracting the listeners’ attention every time she delivers the speech (Jiang, 2019). Her speeches are arranged in a manner that they flow with a musical tone that could never be played again. Through the effortless musicality of her voice, she makes her social stand about her love for wealth and where she comes from. From the Greek myth, she recalls the sirens that lure the sailors to board the shipwrecks through their enchanting voices. In the same way, her voice attracts a good audience particularly men and she takes the opportunity to promise exciting things but can lead to tragedy (Lauria, 2019). The author notes that there could be something in her voice if perhaps she has never attended for an amour. When Nick and Gatsby talk about Daisy’s voice immediately after tom caught her and Gatsby exchange some love glance, Nick describes her voice as ”she’s got an indiscreet voice,” and later on understands why her voice has “inexhaustible charm” after Gatsby’s mentioning that daisy’s voice “is full of money” (120). Her charming voice makes her an ideal lady who could be considered perfect and can magically capture everyone’s attention.
Daisy’s enticing voice casts a decisive spell on the male gender and she takes advantage of the power of her voice to gain wealth. Her voice is her wealth as nobody can resist it. When Gatsby and Nicky converse about her, Gatsby reveals that the voice has some sense of money. Therefore, Nick comes to realize why she has a powerful voice that is irresistible and confirms that indeed the voice is full of money because of the inexhaustible charm rising from it (Anoosheh, & Oroskhan, 2019). He seems to be smatter in identifying daisy’s voice as her potential asset yet at the beginning he had described her as “an absurd, charming little laugh,” (12), to mean that he was impressed by daisy’s performance at Buchanan. She says that “p-paralyzed with happiness” immediately after she notices the presence of Nick and Nick falls into the trap. Daisy’s powerful voice makes the men fall for her trap never to forget her as she portrays excitement which impresses them accordingly. With the power in her voice, she manages to manipulate wealthy men in her favor to help meet her social class.
Daisy exchanges love glances with Gatsby indicates that they share a mutual feeling. Additionally, when many men show love towards daisy her value increases in the eyes of Gatsby “it increased her value in his eyes” (154). It is Daisy’s voice that attracts all these men including Gatsby thus making him develop feelings for her (BAKRI, 2019). Gatsby chases Daisy with all that he had in vain and instead, she decides to

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