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Death of Osama bin Laden (Essay Sample)


write a two-page essay on the topic \"Death of Osama bin Laden: Effect on Al-Qaeda\", At least one of the sources must be a journal article and one should be book The paper should be APA citation


Death of Osama Bin Laden: Effects on Al-Qaeda
To many, the name Osama bin Laden is synonymous to Al-Qaeda in that; he founded it way back in 1988 and was actively involved in its day to day operations serving in the enviable capacity of the Senior Operations Chief. This 1957 born Saudi Arabian emir was later tactfully assassinated in 2011 by the US Navy Seals in Pakistan, which resulted into a significant level of fear instilled in his network of insurgents globally. Conversely, it is interesting to note that his death also contributed to the cropping-up of many other similar groups – close to 30, sharing in the same ideologies and value systems of "jihad”. One worth noting is the like of Al-Shabaab. As it is, though Osama died, his legacy continued.
Al-Qaeda – a brand name of a radical Islamist militant group had branched out its activities in several nations of Pakistan, Maghreb, Syria, Thailand, Egypt, Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan amongst many more. This meant that the work of terror and strikes against western forces begun by Osama bin Laden had to continue through his adept trained militia. His deputy Ayman al Zawahri took over the reins though not as powerful as his fallen boss, continued to frustrate their enemies, especially from the west. In fact, when they took Osama out, 10 years after the 9/11 US attack, White House worked on beefing up her security and be extremely vigilant as she feared revenge attacks that would be leveled on her soil and its citizens abroad and at home by the Al-Qaeda.
At the time of his death, fear could be felt in two dimensions: the Al-Qaeda teams were afraid of their lives, some developed cold feet in pursuit of the Americans and her allies. The intensity of their attacks dwindled. Confusion was eminent. On the other hand, this also resulted into fear among the U.S and her agents. Fear was everywhere. The few bold outraged members of Al-Qaeda vowed to plan attacks and follow their enemies like a shadow and to "mingle their tears with blood”. In both ways, the slain Osama provoked fear and unrest in the hearts of the directly affected or otherwise. True to their word, more small-scale bombings and attacks have taken place in different countries round the globe, from the year 2011 to date.
Nonetheless, no magnitude of terrorism attacks that have been experienced post-Osama can be compared to the ones that he orchestrated in his lifetime. This is to say, the Al-Qaeda group is losing its popularity as the days go by. Muslims and non-Muslims alike are beginning to open their eyes to the crippling effects of terror and are thereby seeking for the much sought after alternative of freedom from wrong values as well as from fear. For example in Egypt, 71% of Muslims are against it. It is no wonder why on every pedestal; the preaching on "war against terror" can be echoed time and time again.
In wrapping up, Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda movement though operating in localized cell...
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