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Decision Areas of Apple Inc. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The student will select a Fortune 500 company that creates goods and/or service and select 5 of the 10 critical decisions of Operations Management from the textbook (Table 1.2 page 6) to answer the following questions as set out in the rubrics.


Decision Areas of Apple Inc.
Operations Management
Summer 2020
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc52332427 \h 32Decision Areas PAGEREF _Toc52332428 \h 42.1Design of Goods and Services PAGEREF _Toc52332429 \h 52.2Managing Quality PAGEREF _Toc52332430 \h 62.3Location Strategy PAGEREF _Toc52332431 \h 72.4Layout Strategy PAGEREF _Toc52332432 \h 82.5Supply Chain Management PAGEREF _Toc52332433 \h 93Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc52332434 \h 104Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc52332435 \h 125Reference PAGEREF _Toc52332436 \h 13
The business environment is made up of various players providing goods and services that vary across the divide. However, one key element they all entail is the activities that encompass the development of the products, from the planning phase to the production and the running of the business. These activities are collectively what we refer to as the Operations Management and they are undertaken around the marketing, production and finance functions.
The heads of the Operation Management divisions within organization make decisions that govern how the operations are carried out. They assess their products, the general market dynamics as well as interactions of the business with other businesses and define the way operations are to be conducted. The decision areas include the design of products, assessment of quality, processes and design, the location of production and the supply chain within the business.

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