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Impact of teams on company effectiveness Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


impact of team work


Impact of Teams on Company’s effectiveness
There has always been a strength in numbers; thus, working in teams in an organization has always been effective in increasing the company’s productivity and performance. This is because teams understand the organizational objectives, including short and long-term goals, thus achieving them (Jones & Kato, 2011). This is because they would be working towards a common goal. Furthermore, teams provide mutual support to each other rather than criticism, thus creating positive energy towards achieving the company’s goals. This streamlines operations in a company by enabling everyone to approach tasks effectively.
Additionally, working in teams leads to goals being achieved collectively. This is because every team member knows his or her role; thus each of them performing their required duties leads the achievement of set goals and objectives (Jones & Kato, 2011). Furthermore, the team members always help each other meet the set deadlines and targets by providing the required support. The entire concept of teamwork revolves around helping each other achieve a common goal, increasing a company’s productivity and effectiveness.

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