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Reflective writing paper Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


This week focuses on professional communication skills. what is the purpose of reflective writing for teacher candidates and seasoned educators


Reflective Writing Paper
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Reflective writing is basically for one's emotional knowledge. What, then, is the aim of reflective writing for teacher applicants and experienced educators? The goal is to remember one's past and benefit from it and evolve from it. Educators ought to stay on a never-ending learning journey that continues to expand. The faster we grow up as learners, the more we will show our children. And like a teacher applicant must evaluate their teaching and learning values for all pupils, the educator must also focus on what these interactions are.
Reflective writing is like a gateway to a person's inner journal. This knowledge will help the instructor applicant understand more about themselves when gazing at their feelings. "Reflection is a high-impact method that improves the learning of instructor applicants. Serious thinking allows students to analyze their feelings constantly, perspectives, prejudices, and behavior" (Slade, Burnham Dr., Catalana, & Waters, 2019). Reflective writing can make self-awareness and personal development simpler. This will assist with the process of acquiring different skills. According to Carolyn Roberts of the Higher Education Academy, they want their learners to pursue an interrogative attitude to their learning. Reflective writing helps them think broadly and objectively of what they learn, not just in their lives but also in the classroom (Roberts, 2019). If an instructor relies on their experience and benefits from what they have learned, they can become a better source for passing on knowledge.

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