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Exhaust Fumes and air pollution Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


How fumes pollute environment


Exhaust fumes and air pollution
Exhaust fumes and air pollution
It is hard and almost futile to tackle these forms of environmental pollution because there are so many factors, and everyone contributes to pollution at one time or another. Emissions from exhaust gases are one of the main contaminants of the environment, causing organizations such as AirCare to concentrate on the largest air pollution contributor, i.e., internal combustion exhaust from automobiles and trucks aircraft, and other automobiles that pollute the environment. The emissions from such cars include carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and gaseous oxides. All these are dangerous and could exacerbate breathing issues and cracks in the ozone layer, bringing us a step closer to global warming (Ndukwe and Jenmi, 2008). Pesticides used to kill insects and herbicides used to fight weeds cause air pollution and fertilizer dust to support plant growth. Organizations such as AirCare do not rely on these air emissions forms, but they should certainly be considered to mitigate air pollution better properly. Mills, coal plants, mills, office buildings, households, and power plants rely on fossil fuels and generate air pollution. Fossil fuel combustion adds to smog, which is toxic to the lungs (Tucki et al., 2019). We are all responsible for air pollution, but pollution can be unavoidable or impossible to prevent in certain cases. Nonprofits such as AirCare are trying to tackle air pollution, and if nobody does anything to solve the problem, our planet will be in deep trouble.

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