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Impact of Childhood Experiences on a Person Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


The subject of this paper is for a family studies course


Impact of Childhood Experiences on a Person

There is exists the notion that childhood experiences have lasting impacts on a person’s adult life. Essentially, childhood experiences influence the individual’s behavior and decisions as an adult. The assertion is based on the idea that the early years of a child’s provide unique opportunities of developing the full potential of the child. Evidence from research studies suggests that early childhood experiences influence the child’s behavioral development, gender relations, emotional intelligence, role models, and family climate. The evidence is complemented by insights gained from an interview conducted with Mr. P, a male Peruvian who immigrated to the United States later in life.


Child’s Behavioral Development

Every child's experiences are unique to their respective birth order. Experts suggest that a child’s birth position in a family impacts their development. Notably, firstborn children often become good leaders and perform well in school as they experience the full range of parents’ emotions and expectations. The child has no siblings to act as barriers against high parental expectations. As a result, they are anxious in addition to exhibiting sensitivity to authority. The second child is often rebellious and thrives on questioning authority and pushing the boundaries. Meanwhile, the middle child struggles to get the attention of the parents while the last born is perceived as spoilt because they receive attention from the entire family.

The experiences, which are unique to a child's birth order, influence the child's behavior as adults. Firstborn children become leaders, the second born emerge as rebels, middle children are overly sensitive, and the last born children lack self-confidence. Evidence from the case study infers that Mr. P is the middle child because he sacrificed a lot for his elder brother and is sensitive about neglecting his family to focus on work.


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