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Effects of leadership on performance Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


how leadership has effect on the performance of a company


Effects of Leadership on Organizational Performance: Literature Review
This paper discusses the influence of leadership on the performance of an organization. The leadership style that a manager adopts has an immediate impact on the performance of an employee in an organization. The discussions support that some studies conducted in the past discovered that partaking of delegation and leadership of tasks increases the performance of the employee and achievement of the company’s objectives and goals.
In conclusion, the discussion shows that the attainment of industrial objectives and goals relies on the style of leadership adopted in the organization. Thus, it suggests that, because leadership is among the fundamental modes used in achieving the company’s objectives and goals, every company must verify that the ethical leader occupies their company orderly to attain their predicted objectives and goals.
Effects of Leadership on Organizational Performance: Literature Review
Effective leadership is the key to success in any organization. Para-González, Jiménez-Jiménez and Martínez-Lorente (2018) explain that the leadership of an organization is highly essential in foreseeing ample creation of the vision, determination, mission and objectives that will catapult the firm to the next performance level. Ideally, leaders steer the organization to realize the desired results by formulating the necessary methodologies, policies and strategies. As explained by Jing and Avery (2016), an efficient management is the key ingredient in an institution’s ability to attain the mission and vision laid by its stakeholders. Such a premise is attributed to the fact that the headship of any business avails ample mechanisms to ensure that all of its stakeholders are availed with the resources needed to cope with transformations experienced in the external environment. Companies operating in the current business environment are faced with a wide range of challenges that relate to issues such as unethical operations, deprived fiscal performances, increased turnover rates and deviation from the rule of law. Alrowwad, Obeidat and Aqqad (2017) attribute such a position to the issues of poor leadership. As revealed by Ghafoor, Munir and Shoukat (2018), firms across the globe undertake their transactions with the major aim of accomplishing the stated objectives. As such, the scholars emphasize on the importance of incorporating an effective management to ensure ample coordination of the multiple institutional variables and to ensure that the employee function is adequately motivated for efficient realization of the goals of the firm.

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