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Elaborating the Elements of Environmental Sustainability (Essay Sample)


this essay paper exoalins several factors that determine environmental sustainability. it begins by exploring the eklements of environmental sustainability then checks on the Reasons why Tourism and Hospitality Industries should incorporate Environmental Sustainability practices in their operations which according to the research include; Prevent adverse Climate Change, Healthy Environment, and Protection of Wildlife


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Environmental sustainability involves responsibility placed on the shoulders of every individual to ensure that natural resources are well conserved and protected from the disruptive activities of human beings. It involves the conservation of the ecosystems for now and for the benefit stored in the future. Environmental sustainability has four main pillars and is important in various ways towards the nation's growth, as discussed in this paper.
Elements of Environmental Sustainability
The pillars or elements of Environmental Sustainability broadly refer to programs or strategies that are put in place to conserve environmental resources. These elements include the following;
Reduction or Elimination of Pollution
Environmental unfriendly materials which are hazardous in a way or another to the environment should be done away with or reduced to the lowest possible point (Alharbi et al., 2020). It helps to ensure the development of a sustainable environment.

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