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Environmental Challenges:Water Conflict (Essay Sample)


I'd like to discuss water conflicts worldwide and within the U.S. such as states like Florida.
Analyze water shortage predictions and how combat or conflict can be prevented or if it is inevitable.
Discuss environmental challenges in sustaining the supplication of water in the market.
Water is a necessary component that comprises the earth. Water is a renewable element imperative in sustaining a wide variation of life. While water has been a resource for joy and fulfillment, dispute has been sparked throughout history regarding its scarcity within or between nations. Id like to discuss the importation of water within the U.S. and how the enviroment is impacted along with the cleanliness of fresh drinking water globally.


Water War
Water conflict
Water conflict can be described as conflict between states, groups, and even nations over the matter that concerns access to water resources. Body such as United Nations would recognize water disputes that arose from the opposition of interest for public or private. There is a wider range for water conflict that would appear all through histories, and they entail conventional war for water alone. But instead, water has a history for which it has been the source of tension and other factors that amount to conflict (Krakow, 2020). Furthermore, water conflict resulted from several factors such as territorial disputes, strategic advantage, and war for resources. The comprehensive database related to water conflict is water conflict chronological, which the pacific institute brought. The database obtained resulted from violence over water for so many years.
Such conflict occurs when saltwater and freshwater are present within a country. Therefore, conflicts would occur in most cases where freshwater would be necessary and scarce. Since the country would need to use the water for purposes such as irrigation, generation of energy, and potable water, there would be enough evidence on the rise of conflict for water (Cybulski et al., 2021). For freshwater, it would be crucial because it is not evenly distributed as a natural resource. The availability of freshwater would promote a better living standard and promote economic development for the nation or its region.
Tri-state water conflict in the United States of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida has experienced the overflow in Apalachicola-Flint River, Alabama-Tallapoosa River. The army has tried to regulate water movement on the entire Chattahoochee River on Lake Lanier in Georgia moving towards Florida (Gangrade, Kao, & McManamay, 2020). The state reported their conflict over water supply, and the federal court authorized corps to go into negotiation for the conflict. The authorization made on Lake Lanier was that the three-state was to be divided equally. Thus, the process was not fruitful, but it was beneficial to Atlanta metropolitan. The water was regulated to support various uses that include preserving marine life. This explains the Act Endangered species Act, which would support seafood industries.
Analyzing water conflicts and how they can be prevented.
Water Conflict
Pollution contributes greater portion to water conflict, and this is brought up in a way that water is affected directly by either humans or animals. In this manner, environment conservation should be considered the priority because there is a different mechanism that uses water (Krakow, 2020). Pollution is dangerous since it affects both individuals and other living mechanisms, and this can cause conflict between the individual who is affected and environmental bodies such as NEMA. This kind of water conflict is done by dirtying water, dumping waste material on-water sites.
Dispute over water
When discussing disputes, scenarios like a conflict between two countries between or states. Here it is a situation where water base is shared. At this stage, the two nations would go into a war that would amount to several individuals (Cybulski et al., 2021). Therefore, the dispute is a sensitive conflict regarding such matters relating to water conflict.
Several approaches may be used to prevent water issues. The approach consists of evaluation to increase availability for water which includes reducing the usage for water, and this is done through decreasing the amount of waste and increasing its efficiency when using (Cybulski et al., 2021). The other approach is by increasing the availability of clean water, like reducing industrial pollution and sewage to avoid contaminating the water. Instead, improving sewage and treatment of wastewater also improved the management of watersheds. The other approach is by maintaining and establishing better groundwater, and another approach is through implementation and designing methods that should be improved upon desalinization.
The other set aims at resolving conflict on matters concerning water before coming more serious. This is done before several nations become more violent, which would amount to serious conflict. Such measures that are more preventive includes regulations for local, provincial, and international ranges. There is a matter of proactive cooperation among states present within nations. There is the aspect of using arbitration and mediation.
Environmental Challenges
When stating the environmental challenges, one needs to clearly understand matters concerning water environmental and what it takes so as to avoid water conflict. With this respect, water may be polluted from different sources. For instance, plastic pollution is where residual sludge from firms and factories is also wastewater (Sehgal et al., 2017). The other environmental challenge for water is industrial waste. This point means that pollutants like Sulphur, lead, nitrates, and mercury are released by industrial companies directly into the water body without treatment. And the drainage at these points it's fresh water that ends up in either rivers or sea.
Another environmental

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