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Mark Bittman Starting a Food Magazine at Medium (Essay Sample)


The article analysis involved analysis of an article selected from new york's times news paper about a come back of a journalist called Mark bittman. it included explanation on the reasons f his departure from the newspaper and the columns that he used to write. APA FORMAT AND STYLE WAS USED FOR THE ANALYSIS.


Article analysis
Former Times Columnist Is Set to Join Medium
Mark Bittman Is Starting a Food Magazine at Medium
In March 19, 2019, Section B, page 3 of New York Times News Paper included a print article about a come-back of Mr. Mark Bittman. It was four years since his departure from New York Times in 2015. The 69-years old journalist wanted the readers to know that he very much alive and was passionate in offering guide on food preparation in Salty Magazine in an online platform and publisher called medium. During his tenure in New York Times, he was an opinion columnist and a food writer. More than 1200 articles are still present in the Times of the section of cooking (Peiser, 2019).
The author of the article indicated how Mr. Bittman has continued with his work on food related articles even beyond New York Times. Indeed, it is a proof that the journalist is still alive. On medium, Mr. Bittman, as the head of Salty magazine that debuts on Tuesdays focuses on recipes of various foods. Other related issues in the articles includes food agriculture, policies, kids and for various races and change on attitude towards food when one becomes a parent among other issues. He aims at offering information to change the way that people view food in various practical aspects. Viewing these articles in the online platform will require a monthly subscription of $5 or $50 per year. To show the seriousness of the articles and the focus on food only, medium will not allow advertisements and will not include articles on celebrity chefs and restaurants (Peiser, 2019).
Peiser, (2019) makes the journalist referred to in the article appear to be still relevant by highlighting various issues to lure more readers. The article indicates possibility of articles from other writers on food related issues such as Mellissa McCart, Daniel Mayer and Kate Bittman. It further indicates of good recommendation from the Chief Executive of Medium, Mr. William, of the head of Salty magazine, Mr. Bittman. Inclusion of different authors of the article is to allow variety because as Mr. Bittman admits, he may not find similarly attracting articles as the young people (Peiser, 2019).
Logical argument is used in t

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