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Initiatives to Overcome Domestic Violence in the United States (Essay Sample)


tHIS ESSAY IS ABOUT "THE prevalence of geneder-based violence (GBV) in the society" it explains how one gender exerts coercive power over the other to perpetrate a selfish act. it also talks about methods of addressing these societal problems. from this short essay, you can learn why teh society needs to treat this matter with caution, as it may lead to irreparable consequences. most importantly, gender-based cases are preventable, we can avoid all those bad things associated with GBV.


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Initiatives to Overcome Domestic Violence in the United States
Also known as gender-based violence (GBV), “Domestic Violence” refers to the misuse of power by one partner to coercively control the other. It involves both misdemeanor and felonious acts of violence perpetrated by a present or former companion or intimate consort of the casualty, by someone with whom the casualty has a child with, by someone whom the victim is cohabiting or has cohabited with, or by someone related to the partner of the casualty. Often, abusers use threats, insults, physical violence, emotional torture, sexual harassment, or financial deprivation to dominate their oppressors.
With the constantly increasing GBV cases in the country, the government should address them with immediate effect. And an effective way to overcome domestic violence should be multi-sectoral: address the present feasible needs of victims of domestic violence, offer long-term guidance and assistance, and focus on fighting some primitive cultural norms and legal provisions that undermine or encourage violence against a certain group in the society. For instance, the health sector plays a very central role in countering GBV against women by identifying cases of abuse early, offering victims special treatment, and referring them to proper care. In these facilities, victims feel safe, aren’t stigmatized, are nursed with respect, and receive quality and informed support (WHO, 2007).
The law alone won’t help in overcoming domestic abuse; what’s required is a change in how we perce

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