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Personal Statement for Job Application (Essay Sample)


This work was about writing a personal statement for a scholarship award to attend a phd in a sponsored university. i followed all the protocals required to write a personal statement including introduction, reason for applying and finally the conclusuin. I wrote it to the best of my knowledge and to my happiness, the client got the sponsorship and is happilly undertaking his phd.


Personal Statement
The records and archives of the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak stands out to be on of the most vital archives in the health sector that has been and is serving as great analysis to solve incoming and future pandemics. The virus that claimed the lives of 50 million people, among them 675,000 people from the United States, is one of the most unforgetful moments in the history of mankind. On a positive note, the archives and records of the same has proven to be the savior of mankind. One of the major applications of this record is how our scientists have been able to quickly combat Covid 19 pandemic that has since taken the world by surprise through studying the patterns and effect of the flu and coming up with restrictions which are similar in both cases. It is indeed amazing how the statistics were taken at such a time technology was still at infancy level and has proven to be useful a century later. This shows how peculiar and important managing records and archives are important to human lives and this has been my motivating factor all through. As an avid and passionate lover of record keeping and management and with the advancement of my knowledge of the same, it becomes an exquisite experience to organize data and keep records which I’m sure will help save the world.
In line with my objectives, I took BSc in Business Management at Durham University to enhance my innovation, flexibility and to increase my competitiveness in the employment sector. One of the most enjoyable units in the course was investigation and project skills management which required us to collect a lot of data which we mostly obtained from records and archives. The accuracy in the statistics and data stored amazed me and has since been my motivating factor to join the cohort that does the work. With these skills attained, I believe that by taking MA in Archives and Records management I will attain the maximum skills that will make a highly competitive person and above all fulfill my dream of becoming a world saver keeping and managing records that are lifesaving.
To familiarize myself in the field and employment sector, I joined Auckland Castle Museum where I worked as human resource intern. Here I learned about enhancing my communication skills which is a key factor in records management, organization skills which involves handling the correct data at the right time and commitment since managing records is tiresome and requires complete patience and commitment. I later joined the same museum after my graduation where I was posted in the finance office as a finance and audit manager. Through this job, I learned how to manage records through digital means and how to maneuver through stored records and obtain the needed records at the required time. I learned how to be flexible enough in undertaking both hardcopy and softcopy records and to interchange the same as required. After three years of service at Auckland Castle Museum, I joined Bill Bryson Library as a record manager where I entered the information of new books and helped students easily acc

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