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Pharmaceutical Industry, Ethical Issues Involving American Organizations WHO and UNICEF (Essay Sample)


write an essay about the Ethical Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Ethical Issues in Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry, Ethical Issues Involving American Organizations WHO and UNICEF
Over the recent weeks, the opposition leaders and Kenyan Catholics bishops Doctors Association are on the neck of two of the Organizations of United Nation for sterilizing millions of women and girls in Kenya. The above Organizations in the pharmaceutical industry including the World Health Organization and UNICEF sterilized females in Kenya under the dupe of administrating anti-tetanus vaccine, a program the government of Kenya sponsored (LifeSite, 2017). From the statements released on Tuesday by the Kenyan organization of Catholic Doctors, the investigation on the vaccine found an antigen that instigates miscarriage administered to over two point three millions girls and women in Kenya. During the time of administration of the vaccine, priests all over the country were advising the citizens against accepting the vaccine.
Business Ethics Issues
The ethical theories that will be used in the analysis of the above ethical problems are; deontology theory, care ethics theory and lastly virtue ethics.
Deontological evaluation
According to deontological ethical theory, something can only be said to be right or wrong, bad or good when it conforms to some existing rational duty (Zimdahl, 2012). The famous proponents of the above theory is W.D Ross and the main principle of the above theory is fulfilling personal duties and duties of others. Every individual should chose the actions that relevantly conforms to the individuals

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