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Flaws in Argument in the Article "Democracy and the United Nations" (Essay Sample)


Find an article in the library and find a flaw in an argument. Write a 500 word paper in APA format. Include a minimum of three references.
Research in the APUS library about common flaws in arguments and fallacies.
Organization of the assignment:
Paragraph 1: Introduction Include a brief review of the article's argument. Include a statement that the argument has merit but also contains multiple flaws to indicate the direction of this paper. Then map out the points that you will make to guide the reader through the body of the paper.
Paragraph 2: Explanation of first flaw– this paragraph should have a strong topic sentence and then several sentences explaining the flaw in detail. In these paragraphs opinion is not acceptable. You must support your claim of a flaw in the argument.
Paragraph 3: Second flaw - same as above
Paragraph 4: Third flaw - same as above
Paragraph 5: Conclusion: Include a summary of the flaws presented. Academically and professional explain how the flaws identified could be fixed to present a stronger argument.


Law In An Argument
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Democracy and the United Nations(UN)
The article titled Democracy and United Nations(UN) written by one of the political analysts who focuses on matters of global concern is a well-written and thought-out argument. It explains all the steps the United Nations (UN) has taken to ensure that there is peace among all countries as well as restoration of peace in counties where conflict arises. The article goes further to outline that democracy is the best form of government although the article later claims it does not advocate for any form of government as long as the people are satisfied(ALLDRIDGE, 2018). The article is very informing however it also consists of several flaws since it fails to 

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