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Practice Communication and Technology Skills: Proper Email Etiquette (Essay Sample)


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice communication and technology skills that are essential to your success in this course, in college, and in your professional life beyond college.
Knowledge: As a result of completing this assignment, you will know
Proper email etiquette
How to start and end an email
How to pose clear questions in your message
How not to annoy your professor
###Make sure you have carefully read:
###Using the guidelines set out in the reading, compose an email to one of your professors. It could be me if this is the only course you are taking in the spring term or a professor in another class you are enrolled in. You should think of a question that is not covered in the syllabus. Hint: if you’re stuck you could ask what are characteristics of students who are successful in your courses? and how much time do you believe your average student spends studying and doing assignments during the week?. What advise can you give me to dealing with academia and personal roadblocks.


Hw Email the Prof.
Student’s Name;
Course Name and Number;
Instructor’s Name;
Institutional Name;
Date Submitted;
Hw Email the Prof.
Subject; A question in English and Literature.
My name is (Name). I am a student taking (Course). I belong to class (Section). This is the question that I have; What were the main courses of the growth of the English language to be commonly used in many countries, and what factors contributed to the weakening of the other languages like the Hebrew language? 

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