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Run-on Sentence, Comma Splice, and Fragment (Essay Sample)


Go, watch “Run-ons, Comma Splices, and Fragments” by Grammar Flip.
Exercise A
Then, answer the following:
a) What is a run-on sentence?
b) What are three ways to correct a run-on sentence? Use your own examples.
c) What is a comma splice?
d) What correction does the video suggest for a comma splice?
e) What is a fragment?
Exercise B
Next, write out how you will correct the following grammar errors:
a) Fragment
b) Comma Splice
c) Run-on
Exercise C
Next, obtain and complete WRC worksheet #11 (Run-On Sentences, Comma Splices, and Fragments) located on the WRC’s web site, then check your answers using the answer key. Review your answers with an instructor or tutor in the Virtual Writing & Reading Center. Be sure you can answer the essential question above.


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Exercise A
Then, answer the following:
a) What is a run-on sentence?
A sentence that is formed when a properly constructed sentence is squashed without using a conjunction.
The English teacher is sick though she has come to school.

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