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Francisco Goya's "Saturn Devours His Son" (Essay Sample)


The essay is an opinion essay of the meaning behind francisco goya's famous painting, 'saturn devouring his son.' The essay also prompts the witer to provide a brief background about the painter and the events in his life that would have inspired him to create this artwork. several events in the essay include his deafness, and his involvement in the Peninsular war.


Saturn Devouring His Son
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Saturn Devouring His Son
Francisco Goya led in the Spanish painting between 1785 and 1820. Among his unique painting was Saturn Devouring his Son (1819-23). Goya was living during troubled times (Goya, 2009). There was a French revolution that took place between 1789 to 1795. This revolution did shatter the peace of the 18th century. It led to a series of Continental catastrophes inclusive of the Peninsular war (Goya, 2009). Later Spain was ruled by an Absolute Monarchy. He also suffered deafness along with periodic depression bouts. As a consequence, he turned his way of private painting right to a form of dark Romanticism.

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