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Taking Up Online Courses: How To Be A Successful Online Student (Essay Sample)


Having gone through an online course, write about how you can advise others to be successful online students.

How to Be a Successful Online Student Student Name: Course: Professor: Date: Online courses provide a unique experience to students to learn at their own time and pace. Taking up an online class may not be as easy as many think. Maintaining a good study habit is the most important factor that will determine how successful you complete your studies. One has to be proactive, motivated and should take responsibility for own learning. But, what does it take to be proactive, motivated and responsible? Grit, a growth mindset and resilience are three critical things one needs to develop to be a successful online student. A growth mindset is the belief that academic success can be achieved through effort and persistence. It plays a central role in self-motivation. One can develop such a mindset through several ways. One way is to challenge your-self in the field of study. Find challenging questions or study cases in your area of study and try to solve them. The effort you put into finding the solutions to the problems will greatly improve your skills and knowledge in your field of study. Also, try to participate in the online discussions. This will help you get answers to the concepts or ideas that you do not understand. When answering a question on the discussion board, try to elaborate your thoughts and responses as it allows you to think critically and challenge your understanding of the subject matter. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask any questions and help if you do not clearly understand a concept. Having a growth mindset means that you intend to achieve a certain goal and you believe you will achieve it through hard work. Goal setting ensures that you stay on track in order to achieve the stated goals. When setting goals, also describe the steps you will take to achieve them. For example, you may set a goal to earn a certain grade in a unit in the course you are studying. You must be specific on what you would do to achieve the desired grade. This could be reading additional course materials, doing extra questions of the assignment given, etc. On the other hand, to have grit means to have the determination and energy to continuously pursue your long-term goals despite failure or challenges. It is having the necessary stamina to push through times of distractions, disappointments, and discouragement. Gritty people are likely to be more successful. So how can an online student learn how to be gritty? Online students face several challenges such as trying to find a balance between work at home and work at the place with studying. Developing a good, study habit has proven to be one of the biggest challenges an online student faces. To develop grit through this challenge, one should thrive to create an effective study schedule. Determine what time of the day you are most focused and energized to study. Stay dedicated to the time you have reserved for your studies, and treat it like an appointment you cannot miss. Try to ensure that your personal obligations are taken care of before the time set aside for your studies. Distractions can easily sway your focus as an online student and make them less gritty. Distractions could be f...
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