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The Negative Attributes Of The Community That The Writer Comes From (Essay Sample)


This essay discusses the things that one admires in their community. The essay also gave some of the negative attributes of the community that the writer comes from.


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Everyone belongs to a community which has values and things that are admirable. In other words, these are the things that most people identify with whenever they speak about their community. However, there are other things that one can improve to make the community better. I admire the way my community embraces and supports art as well as the love that people show to visitors, however, I would improve the way the community integrates the youths in decision-making processes.
One thing to admire about my community is the facts that it embraces and supports art provided that it originates from within the members. A notable portion of members of my community is talented in art. Those who undertake art do it for commercial purposes and as a form of self-entertainment. For those who do art for the commercial purposes, the community offers them much support through the purchase of the artwork. First, the members of the community purchase the artwork from the artists by paying for the shows where the artists showcase their talents such as music or acting. Secondly, the community purchases the physical artworks which occur in the form of drawings or models. Additionally, there are other members of the community who offer financial facilitation for the artists who intend to engage in art. In this case, the facilitators may pay for the additional training that the artists may require to undertake in order to sharpen their skills. Moreover, some members of the community may at times pay for the venue that the artists use to showcase their talents to the community. Therefore, it is evident that my community does n

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