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Origin Of The Slave Trade And Its Development In American Colonies (Essay Sample)


This essay discusses the origin of the slave trade and its development in the American colonies.

ORIGIN OF THE SLAVE TRADE AND ITS DEVELOPMENT IN AMERICAN COLONIES Student’s name Institutional affiliation The origin of the slave trade in Africa started with the Portuguese at the start of the sixteenth century. During the sixteenth century, the Portuguese carried out their first slave trade whereby they bought the slaves from the sub-Saharan region of Africa and delivered them to Brazil and Europe (Nunn & WAantchekon, 2011). The slaves were primarily delivered as a source of labor in farms. The spread of the Islamic religion in sub-Saharan Africa resulted to the slave trade. The Quran which offered religious guidance was viewed to offer harsh directions on the form of treatment that was to be given to the Africans who lived in countries outside the Muslim nations; these people were denied the immunity to slavery and were therefore potential slaves who could be traded with (Bezemer, Bolt & Lensink, 2014). The Africans therefore gave their fellow to the Europeans slave traders who then took the slaves to European and American states. The development of the slavery in American colonies can be attributed to the agricultural and industrial development in the country. With the development of agriculture in the western nations, it reached a point where the farm owners were running short of manpower and hence they saw the need to search for labor outside the continent. According to Angeles (n.d.), Slavery which was a cheap source of labor helped America grow into an economically powerful nation, this is because the slaves were used in the culti...
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