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Should students study abroad? (Essay Sample)


Should students study abroad?


Why Students Study Abroad
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Why Students Choose to Study Abroad
Some students choose to study abroad owing to numerous apparent reasons. This essay discusses the main factors considered by students prior to resolving to study overseas. The most significant reasons for deciding to study outside one's country are to find better career opportunities, improve one's language skills and gain new life experiences. However, people have varied motives and inspirations and as such, the reasons for college students opting for education abroad are very numerous to be captured and explicated in a single writing.
The vast majority of college students studying outside their countries are mainly motivated by better employment opportunities abroad. This is quite common among students from weak economies who relocate to industrialized countries for higher education. Job opportunities abound more in developed economies due to a wide variety of skills needed. This need for skilled labor motivates college students to apply for enrolment in learning institutions abroad (Dwayne, 2017).
A further reason for some students making the decision to study abroad is to improve their second language skills. The need to achieve communicative proficiency in a foreign language,

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