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Miracle And Mystery Components Of Drama Each With Its Own Right (Essay Sample)


Miracle and Mystery Plays


Miracle and Mystery Plays
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Miracle and Mystery Plays
Miracle and mystery plays are both genres of Literature that distinguish themselves as components of Drama each with its own right. They originated from the dawn of English Drama before the Norman conquest with primary focus on the history of Christianity. Special interest was in the enactment of the deeds of Jesus Christ amongst other biblical saints with the objective of the enhancement of morality in the society (“Miracle and Mystery Plays”, n.d.).
Miracle and Mystery Plays centered themselves on medieval Literature in Catholic societies based in Europe such as Spain, Italy, Germany and France. The dramatic presentations majorly occurred in consecrated Catholic religious grounds with special target on the members of the Catholic faith. It was a period of the transformation of the cathedral into a dramatic theatre. The personalities constituted mainly of monks. The performances were crafted as naturally as possible. They would occur during normal religious festivals in order of precedence as per the Bible (Margaret, 2016). Besides, they would occur during anniversaries of notable personalities among the religious society practicing Catholic

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