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Past And Present Events: How Human Memories Affect Person's Well-being (Essay Sample)


The task was to discuss whether past events affect the present of a person. No preferred style. 500 words. No exact number of sources.


The Past Affects the Present
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The Past Affects the Present
People face various irritants shaping their behavior. When considering this idea among children and linking it to the grown-up conduct, the mentioned question becomes even more vivid. The first emotional contact with a figure who a child is attached to leaves unexpressed feelings, which an adult person may turn to in the future, copying the earlier behavior in a new way. Therefore, the events a child faced in the past affect the present because adults try to compensate for their experience in the case similar stimuli appear in their life.
When considering how human memories affect a person's well-being, it is useful to look at the notion of psychological attachment. According to Davis (2015), behind the notion of attachment lies an idea that a human being naturally possesses a wish to maintain positive relationships with the first caretaker, also known as an “attachment figure” (para. 3). The mentioned figure provides a person with an ideal state to which they would like to return in case of some negative experiences (Davis, 2015). Furthermore, connections may be safe and unsafe (Davis, 2015). Accordingly, if a caregiver serves as a good example for an infant, the latter one grows up as an independent adult person, which is absent if an unhealthy parent takes care of the child (Davis, 2015). Therefore, one should address the idea of psychological attachment to unde

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