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importance of education Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


the task is about the importance of education.


Importance of education.
Education is an art of studying in order to gain deeper knowledge and comprehension of various disciplines that are applied in life on a daily basis. Education consists knowledge obtained from books and that which is obtained practically outside class. Education is one of the most powerful tools in the world.
Education improves a country’s economy. People with good educational backgrounds tend to receive higher wages. The higher the accomplishments and education, the better employment possibilities people get. People that were raised in poor families and societies but got educated, have a chance to change their lives, and their family’s which reduces poverty in the society. Through education, people are able to improve other people’s lives, by applying the knowledge received in their lives.
Education provides a happy and a prosperous life. Educated people have always received respect in the society. When people are educated, they get well-paying jobs and this gives them satisfaction and happiness (Bhardwaj, 2016). Educated people have a greater chance of climbing up the career ladder faster and this makes them even more successful.

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