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Intelligence Policies and Legal Issues Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


In Chapter 5 of the textbook, Contemporary Project Management (Kloppenborg, 2019), you are presented with Casa De Paz Development Project case study questions (page 171). The case study begins in Chapter 1 and is developed through Chapter 5 (see pages 28, 56, 93, and 131). Upon reviewing the case study, provide a two-to-three page response to Chapter 5 case questions 1 - 4.
For Further Analysis
Suburban Homes Construction Project
Review the Suburban Homes case study in each chapter (page 27, 55, 91-92, 130-131, and 170-171). In the Chapter 5 case study, the last consideration was to, develop norms for high-performing teams. If you were Adam, what leadership theories would you draw upon in carrying out this assignment? Further, describe your view on the best mix of task (technical) versus a relationship oriented mindset in Adam's consulting role. Provide a two-to-three page response.
Submit Your Work
Compile both papers in a single document citing related references, as applicable, and using current APA formatting.
Two pages each


Project Management Case Study
What actions do you suggest to help the team through the stages of team development?
The team development stage is necessary because of enhancing team cohesion, teamwork, establishing norms, managing conflicts, and ensuring that every member is focused on the project’s goals (Chan, Scott, & Chan, 2004). The first activity would be to encourage members to respect each’s other’s opinions and promote teamwork. Creating forums where members can share their feelings, make contributions, and have their concerns addressed is vital. The goal is to ensure that every member feels acceptable and a part of the team. For the formation stage, ice-breaking activities would be essential to ease tension and to encourage the members to share. Setting clear objectives, defining tasks, and ensuring that all members understand their responsibilities will also be vital for the performance stage. Above all, all the communication channels need to remain open for the members to express their concerns and make their contributions.
What would you want to see in a team charter for this development project?

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