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The Investigator and the Media. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


write about how the media and investigation are intertwined


The Investigator and the Media
Student’s Name
The Investigator and the Media
Art or Science?
It is a science. Criminal and murder cases are complex and dynamic because most of the time they rely on human memory that is subject to errors to make life and death decisions and avail justice. Police and investigators use different techniques to acquire truthful information about a case. Methods of obtaining accurate information have shifted from traditions involving threats, physical violence, intimidation and coercing to less aggressive, ethical, objective and measured techniques. The law protects the rights of the suspects by ensuring investigators exercise high standards and practices that minimise mental or physical anguish that might lead the suspect to false confession hence wrong conviction or letting a criminal free. Interrogation is critical to any case, justice and the affected people.

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