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John Smith and Powhatan (Essay Sample)


Read the documents titled "John Smith and Powhatan: A Discourse" and "John Smith: A General Historie" and answer the questions at the end of each document. The two documents are pretty short but give a glimpse in to the interactions of the English and Native Americans in Virginia (the Powhatan).


Smith and Powhatan
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Smith and Powhatan
After receiving an operational charter from King James, The Virginia Company was ready to set up its operational base off the Chesapeake Bay. Coming into a new area, the Virginia Company officials had to contact natives of the place where they were going set up an operational base. After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean into a new settlement, foreigners from the Company disregarded the natives who had inhabited the land before their arrival. In a show of disregard to the original inhabitants, Virginia officials gave new names to the places where they settled, according to the Monarch. The river was either not spared as it was given a new name. Powhatan (Wahunsonacock), 

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