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Understanding Civic Leadership and Ethics in Business (Essay Sample)


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below is my topic
Civic Leadership and Ethics in Business, Politics, and the Economy. Areshidze
This course introduces students to the moral challenges and ethical responsibilities of leadership in the private and the public spheres. We focus on three dimensions of leadership: 1) leadership and ethics in the private business community, 2) statesmanship in modern constitutional democracies, and 3) political leadership on the economy and immigration in an era of globalization. Topics include: the leading role of private enterprise in confronting global challenges (focusing on Google and Facebook’s embrace of democratic causes around the globe), American political statesmanship (Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR; and post-9/11 leadership of Presidents Bush and Obama), the class closes with a comparative study of the challenges of immigration and the welfare state in Europe and America. Readings include: Selections from the Federalist Papers, Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, Woodrow Wilson’s Congressional Government, Christian Joppke’s Citizenship and Immigration. Additional readings may include: Samuel Huntington’s Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity.


Civic Leadership and Ethics in Business
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Civic Leadership and Ethics in Business
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Business operations, and leadership, are among the daily challenges managers and business owners have to cope with, especially considering that their decisions impact the general performance of the business. In this case, leaders are forced to make decisions that will affect their businesses. In this case, it is essential to understand that leaders follow a particular code in making their decisions. On the contrary, the decisions are made under the influence of gathered data or information surrounding their occupation. Thus, it is essential to understand how civil leadership, and ethics in business, are used to formulate or use moral challenges and ethical responsibilities.

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