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Reducing The Risk of Teenage Pregnancy (Essay Sample)


Subject: Nursing
Topic: Which methods/programs have been most effective at reducing teen pregnancy?
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Brayboy, L. M., McCoy, K., Thamotharan, S., Zhu, E., Gil, G., & Houck, C. (2018). The use of technology in the sexual health education especially among minority adolescent girls in the United States. Current opinion in obstetrics & gynecology, 30(5), 305.doi: 10.1097/GCO.0000000000000485
Demissie, Z., Clayton, H. B., & Dunville, R. L. (2019). Association between receipt of school-based HIV education and contraceptive use among sexually active high school students—United States, 2011–2013. Sex Education, 19(2),
Dobbins, C. C., Kenney, B. N., Meier, C. E., & Taormina, V. V. (2016). Down with teen pregnancy, up with mobility: teen pregnancy prevention efforts in Gaston County, North Carolina. North Carolina medical journal, 77(6),
Leftwich, H. K., & Alves, M. V. O. (2017). Adolescent pregnancy. Pediatric Clinics, 64(2),


Reducing Teen Pregnancy
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Reducing Teen Pregnancy
Pregnancy on teens has resulted in the early parental hood, with many teenagers heavily depending on tier parents for the support. As a result, this results in difficulties that affect teenagers' lifestyles and ways of socialization. Moreover, this results in early school dropout, shuttering many dreams, since many teenagers feel embarrassed to push on with their studies. However, there have been numerous methods and programs, both in the social and medical fields, that have been implemented to help reduce teen pregnancies. According to Dobbins, et al., (2016), the data collected on teenage pregnancies has reduced significantly despite the awareness of the campaign. Nevertheless, there is a need to diversify the methodologies and programs to attain zero teen pregnancy. Thus, the essay seeks to discuss the effective concepts used to reduce teen pregnancy.
Teenage Pregnancy Statistics
According to Leftwich, and Alves, (2017), nearly 92% of all recorded teen pregnancies are caused by peer, pressure, and early sexual intercourse involvement at an earlier age. On the contrary, in nearly 65% of the reported cases globally, teenagers are impregnated on their second sexual intercourse, while 45% on their second sexual intercourse. On the contrary, nearly 85% of the reported pregnancies are recorded on teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19, making them the most vulnerable group (Demissie, et al., 2019).
Pregnancies in teenagers emanate from peer pressure and the wrong company, which is the ultimate result of the increased number of unprotected sexual intercourse. While many teenagers are considered responsible enough, peer pressure and bad influence from others are among the contributing factors that result in early teen pregnancies.
Modern parents are becoming more engaged in their work than ever, especially considering the monthly bills that await them to settle. As a result, this has formulated a rhythmic performance of events, with little consideration and care being offered to the developing teenagers. While most of the American parents are deemed to be preoccupied with their professions, this has led to a window of freedom for many teenagers.

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