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Managing Business Activities Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Managing Business Activities 


Managing Business Activities
Asian paints limited have been India's leading paint company serving 65 countries in total.The foundations of the company were laid in 1942 in India, whose firms roots were then spread to Sub-continent, Europe, South East Asia, Far East, South Pacific Caribbean and Africa. The company is running in 22 countries having 32 paint manufacturing facilities.
Being a renowned company on stock exchange having code 500820 at BSE Sensex and a huge facilitator of public sector, it indulges in producing ornamental coatings; translating them to be a part of secondary sector dealing in fabrication of the out-turn of primary sector. The company has modified its techniques by the usage of cutting edge solution, facilitated by i2 and SAP. In order to improve decision making, the technique was used to boost up the marketing analysis. The company has total revenue of 8300 lac USD, possessing 30 widespread units consisting of Berger International, APCO coatings and SCIB chemicals.
1.1) Evaluate the interrelationship between the different processes and functions of the organization.
The company has firm belief that only cooperation from people will take it to the heights. It believes in the qualities of the people, because it is them who come up with creative ideas and thus strongly believes in the culture directed by people. When they are awarded with open, friendly and free atmosphere, they are capable to bring out their skills at their best. Sense of leadership makes them more creative. They provide the individuals with various training programs to check their potential and to promote their leadership qualities. Apart from this, they also hire the toppers from leading technology schools of the country.
The company chooses employees who they think are fit for their work and whose goals match up to their standards. The job is purely based upon problem-solving, market insight, trust, customer perspective, result orientation and respect.
Here is a pyramid illustrating how a common quest is broken by management.
Operate business/coordinate activities to accomplish objectivesPut plans into action, allocating individual work and seeing that it's accomplished
Figure 1.5 Organisational pyramid of Asian Paints ltd
The above pyramid clearly reflects the methods which are used in Asian paints. The only difference lies in the second method which should be named as operational process rather than value creation.
Here is the flowchart diagram, briefly explaining the process used by the company.
Figure 1.7 Various Business Processes used in Asian Paints ltd (field work)
The whole process comprises of scheme through which a more useful output can be extracted from a regular input. The process of transformation may be carried out by humans or machines or sometimes both.
Asian paints compel its workers to achieve the goals in a cyclic manner. The basic step to this process is management,where all the planning strategies occur. It is then followed by value creation process which comprises of two steps:
During first step, all the agency reports (Crisil market agency ltd.) are accumulated and are later forwarded for the creation of development of market and customer purchase.
With the collaboration of Finance department, newly designed products are invented in design process (R&D), followed by its departure for delivery process. The designs of the news products are based upon the ideas predicted by Crisil agency. At the same time, quality assurance department indulges to check the best quality of the product. On the other hand, the ample availability of the product will be checked by logistics.
After that, market department comes into actions to publicize the product and theassurance ofthe best sale strategies to the customer is done by service processes.
Figure 1.8 the business process in Asian Paints ltd (field work)
1.2) Justify the methodology to be used to map processes to the organization's goals and objectives.
Above is the map of the work events carried out by the Asian Paints. The success of the company depends upon the familiarity of people with the product, communication skills and its core activities.
Figure 1.9 core and key activities of Asian paints ltd
The above mentioned chart throws light upon the key activities and core processes of the company. It shows that the key activities can be fulfilled by the core processes, thus paving the path for the company to implement its purposes as mention in Fig 1.2.
The foremost goal of the company is the introduction of a new product each year (i.e. ceiling themes, Royale glitter and luxury emulsion) by R&D Department.
CRM Department also plays a vital role in improving the company's rank by the help of following software: ERP, SAP and I2. It is only because of these software that the links between customer and customer care unit have been improved which resulted in a drastic drop-out of customer data.
1.3) Evaluate the output of the process and the quality gateways.
Following are the little details of process of the company
Figure 1.10 Asian paints critical success factors
2.1) Design plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibility.
The company possess both external and internal customers. The internal customers are the employees of the company e.g. stake-holders, suppliers, workers etc. While the external customers include those who aid the company to fulfil its goals. The external customers may be market agencies, government and customers. E.g. ““Viva Books Private Limited, (2009) Business essential: Management (1st edition) BPP learning media: London.”
The main area of authority of the company includes the analysis of the existing and upcoming products to reduce the risk of complain. The company uses Ansoff's matrix, rather than SWOT Analysis in order to review their product.
Wood finishes and metal paints were for home user only but now they started for industrial purpose also. Leads to achieve in business objective of rapid growth. Automotive paints, Marine paints, industrial coatings etcTargeting their products to new foreign countries like Caribbean's, Fuji and merging with companies like Nippon. Achieving in the objective of increase sales of international operations
Figure 2.1 Ansoff's matrix (2008) [online] (updated 12th march 2010) Available at
The main purpose for the strategic analysis of product is to attract new customers and make the old one...

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