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Measuring Quality Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Read the attachment titled 'Memorial Hospital'.
Discuss ways that a hospital might measure quality. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
Explain the potential costs and failures of quality for Memorial Hospital and discuss how each can be measured.
Discuss ideas or techniques from TQM that Janice could use to help Memorial focus on providing quality health care.
Analyze the methods Memorial could use to assess the quality of health care it is providing.


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Methods of quality measurement have seen rigorous evaluation in the recent past across the globe. This is because of the complexity of the interventions, which make the process challenging to measure and isolate. Previous studies are mostly based on detailed reviews, respected authorities, as well as expert reports. The critical strategies of quality measurement include regulatory inspection, consumer experience surveys, third-party assessments, as well as statistical indicators (World Health Organization, 2003). This paper will analyze various questions concerning quality management in healthcare environments.
Inspection by statutory bodies is focused on monitoring the respective hospital's compliance with the set licensing regulations. Such activities focus on hygiene, medical devices, fire, medicines, as well as radiation. In other countries, inspection incorporates blood transfusions and infection control. Inspection standards are required to meet transparency and legal framework. Licensing inquiries are specifically tailored for new hospitals. Under the tenets of inspection, the healthcare facility is required to achieve the minimal safety requirements. Secondly, consumer surveys can measure the quality of hospital services based on the facility’s performance as compared to the national level standards. Consumer surveys are focused on health education, comfort, continuity of healthcare, complaint mechanisms, and patient empowerment. The method takes into account patient healthcare experiences and perceptions. This strategy enables the hospital and the key stakeholders to identify the kind of services valued most by the general public and patients to gauge their satisfaction (World Health Organization, 2003).

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