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We recently watched Milk and Bread and Roses. Literature & Language (Essay Sample)


Theme 1: We recently watched Milk and Bread and Roses. Milk is based on the true story of 1970's San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, and Bread and Roses is based on the true story of the Justice for Janitors campaign waged in Los Angeles in the 1980's and 1990's. Both of these movies deal with minority groups seeking to secure civil rights.
Theme 2: Additionally, we recently read the screenplay to Milk, as well as excerpts from The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and Nobody's Son by Luis Alberto Urrea. These works detail the experiences of immigrant or minority groups in California and how struggling to come to terms with their dual identities has caused them familial and personal strife.
Your assignment is to pick one of these two themes, and analyze the struggles described in the relevant works. You may choose to make an argument, or you may choose to write an explanatory paper about these works and themes.
Either way, your paper should include some research (such as the background behind the title Bread and Roses, or the life of author Luis Alberto Urrea, etc.), and should include quoted, specific language to support your points, as well as a full list of works cited (including both the things we have read and any external sources you access.)


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Over a century ago, a strike emerged in the textile industry in Lawrence, Massachusetts. It was dubbed the great Bread and Roses strike. Some studies claim that a woman striker was noted holding a sign that read “We Want Bread and We Want Roses.” As James Oppenheim reiterated in his epic “Bread and Roses," people require the survival necessities in addition to sharing happiness. The remarkable strike resonated injustices within the labor system characterized by wide disparities in terms of power and wealth, increased violence against peaceful protesters, and great solidarity among the workers. Therefore, the film derives its title from the 19th as well as the 20th-century labor conflicts (Ross, 2013).
The film, Bread and Roses provides a thematic analysis of Janitor’s justice campaign that happened in Los Angeles. The film starts with Maya’s disturbing and illegal intrusion into the United States through the Mexican border. The film represents the kind of life that most immigrants go through while residing or working in the United States today. There are several themes the film that can be analyzed (Huibregtse, 2006). 

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