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America’s Reforms and Programs. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


General Information
This is a three-part question. Within each part, there are multiple sub-questions. For full credit, you must answer all the sub-questions in all three parts. The essay is worth 100 points.
The best essays will be well organized with an introduction and a conclusion and a clearly stated thesis located in the first paragraph of the paper. The best essays will also include lots of historical detail, thorough explanations of your ideas, and specific examples with page numbers. For instance, if you talk about an example from one of the game books, you should indicate where that example came from by indicating the author of the book and the page number. You may use parenthetical references, e.g. (Treacy 45). Pay attention to grammar and punctuation and proofread to before you submit. Use what you have learned in your composition classes to properly document your paper. This paper will require 5-7 pages, double-spaced in 12-point font with 1-inch margins to adequately answer the question.
You may talk to your classmates about the assignment, but do not copy directly from someone else’s paper. If you quote from a source, make sure you include quotation marks and cite the source. Plagiarism detection will be turned on in D2L. If you plagiarize (this includes copying someone else’s and allowing someone to copy your work) you risk failing the assignment and the
Submitting your essay
Please submit your essay to the D2L drop box by Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 5:00 pm.
Extra credit:
5 points; Once you have written the essay and submitted it to the D2L dropbox, upload it to your portfolio and share a link to it in the D2L dropbox.
The question
Part I Historical Context
The games we played this semester spanned three eras of reform in twentieth-century United States history—the Progressive Era, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Each era saw an increase in programs and legislation that extended the power and reach of the federal government. In each case, (Progressive Era, New Deal, Great Society) explain what Americans were trying to accomplish by increasing the scope of their federal government. Be specific. For each era, discuss the programs, legislation, and/or constitutional amendments Americans deployed to achieve their goals and explain what problem each was intended to solve.
Part II The Games in Context
In this section, discuss each game, explain its premise (what it was about) and explain how each game illustrates the issues that were important to Americans in the era in which the game is set.
Part III Reflecting on the roles you played
For each role:
Explain your role in the game. What skills or information did you learn while playing this game? Be specific. Consider especially what kind of communication skills you learned or strengthened. How might these skills be portable—something you can take into other classes or your career? What did you learn about yourself? What did you like best about your role? What did you like least? Did you participate fully in the game? If not, why not? Assess your own preparation. How much of the game book did you read and what kind of sources outside of the game book/role sheet did you use to create your role? Finally, what would you do differently if you played the game again?
**Conclude this section with a discussion and assessment of how much and in what ways you engaged with this class outside of formal classroom time over the course of the semester. (e.g. Talked with classmates or friends and family about the class, studied for Jeopardy games, prepped for game play, read or viewed something online that reminded you of class, etc.) In the final game, Chicago, 1968, you were specifically required to engage with your peers on Slack. Did you do this? Why or why not? Reflect: How can you increase your engagement with your classes moving forward?


America’s Reforms and Programs
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliations
Over a century ago, progressivism was an era characterized by revolutionary political movements that aimed to dislodge the allegedly unjust, outmoded, and unworkable government systems. The insurgents critiqued the government traditions based on its political, social, and constitutional reforms. The New Deal sought to restore Americans’ dignity. The Great Society initiatives aimed at improving the poor citizens' living standards. This paper discusses the progressive era, the new deal era, and the excellent society era programs their objectives and how they contributed towards making America a better place.
Progressive Era
During this era, the Americans were trying to accomplish novel democratic principles that were inclined to increase citizen participation and engagement in issues of national interests. Behind the criticism was an alternative guide to reconstruction programs. The reformers advocated for a new type of government that could be achieved through institutional constraints within limited timeframes as well as the reorganization of the programmatic actions. The objectives, as well as programs of the progressive movement, were driven by several agents as well as forces. The progressives advocated for social change within American society. The three objective programs undertaken by the progressive included improving the tools and exercise of democratic principles, using the government as a social empowerment tool for poverty alleviation, and eliminating privileged interest influences (Gould, 2014).
Three tendencies characterized the progressives' political agitation. The first tendency emanates from the best men's insistence that minority, corrupt, and extraordinary influence on the state, cities, and national government be removed. The second objective program demanded changes in government structure and machinery, previously requested by the few, towards embracing a government apparatus that will prove difficult for the few and much easier for control by the majority. Finally, the third tendency based its tenets on the of the government as an apparatus for relieving economic and social distress for its citizens. Constitutional amendments also characterized the progressive era that spanned almost a decade. The Sixteenth Amendment of 1909 led to the authorization of income tax. The 1912 Seventeenth Amendment by the congress established direct election for senators. In 1917, Congress imposed the Eighteenth Amendment that enacted prohibition. The 1919 Nineteenth Amendment by congress illegalized gender discrimination in voting rights. The four amendments formalized constitutional changes that had been accepted as political facts (Gould, 2014).

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